Chemotherapy & Hair loss

Hair Loss due to chemotherapy is a genuine worry for all men and women facing the need to undergo chemotherapy. We are here to make this easier for you. A holistic service is provided to all our clients. We are here to support you from the beginning of your chemotherapy and we will guide you through the whole process, from our initial consultation to wig fittings, to selecting a piece that is perfect for you. Hair Loss from chemotherapy is normally caused by the dose and type of chemotherapy medication you undergo. We want to help restore your image and feel better about your self during and after this process. 
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Hair Loss due to Chemotherapy what happens?

Chemotherapy drugs attack rapidly growing cancer cells they also attack other cells in your body, including those in your hair roots.

Chemotherapy may cause hair loss on your head and even all over your body.  

Your doctor or nurse can tell you what to expect and you can ask questions about the type of Chemotherapy medication you will be receiving.

Normally hair loss due to chemotherapy is temporary, hair usually regrows 3/6 months after you have finished your treatment. Differences in colour and or texture are normal at the start of regrowth.

What happens next?

Your hair can begin to fall out two to four weeks after you start treatment.

It can fall out very quickly or slowly, this can be different for everyone. You may notice  loose hair on your pillow, on your brush or in the shower etc

Your hair loss can continue during your treatment and up to a few weeks afterward.

How the Wig Clinic can help ..

Our professional team of wig consultants can create a unique style – just the way you like it.

We have an extensive selection of hair pieces that can be integrated into thinning hair, to custom made pieces, human hair and synthetic.

We will show you how to fit and care for your hair piece and offer you expert advice on eyebrows, lashes and many more accessories you never knew existed- that’s what we are here for.

Assistance can be provided for you with grants applications both from insurance providers and HSE.

We offer each and every client:

  • A trained stylist with a carefully selected range of high-fashion therapy wigs
  • Complimentary Boots No 7 Makeover
  • As much time as it takes to make sure you are perfectly happy with your choice
  • A private and totally confidential setting
  • Hospital visits by appointment
  • An aftercare service ensuring you remain pleased with your chosen product
  • A complimentary maintenance kit and liner
  • Information on local support groups
  • Financial assistance forms

We offer this and much more…

Please call us for any questions you may have- please be advised that an appointment is necessary for a complimentary consultation- to enable us to give you the time, attention and privacy that you deserve.

“Our service is as unique as you are.”

Please call us on 021 43 18 468