I would strongly recommend the Wig Clinic for their empathy, understanding and professionalism

"For a woman, loosing her hair due to chemotherapy can be quite a traumatic experience. However, for me this proved to be one of the more positive aspects of getting cancer. The whole hair loss experience was positive, uplifting and fun! From the moment I walked into The Wig Clinic in Barrak Street, I felt comfortable and relaxed. The girls were extremely professional, compassionate and understanding. I had a super experience trying on the many different styles and colours, and I will always treasure those moments. Ultimately, I decided on two fantastic wigs, one chic bob for daytime use, and another long, glamourous wig for going out at night. When the day finally came to get my hair shaved off, the hairdresser at The Wig Clinic was so genuinely caring and supportive. Overall, it was a very uplifting experience. I would strongly recommend The Wig Clinic for their empathy, understanding and professionalism on all aspects of hair loss, but especially for any women loosing their hair due to cancer treatment."