I’m always told I look stylish, which is great for my confidence

“With a hand on heart I can say losing my hair as a result of chemotherapy has had no impact on me at all. Shortly after being told I would lose it I visited the Wig Clinic, Fiona, the proprietor, could not have been more attentive or understanding. I was amazed the wigs were so modern and the bandana’s so fashionable, After trying on a few, I finally settled for a wig and also a little fringe to wear with my bandanas.
The first time I went to work wearing the fringe and the bandana I was a little nervous but was amazed at the complimentary comments I received from people. Women started donating little scarves to me to wear around the bandanas so I literally have one to match every outfit I wear. With the fringe underneath no-one would ever think I was bald. I’m told I always look stylish which at this point in my life is very important for my confidence.
I keep my wig for special occasions. I just pop it on and I’m ready for a night out. I’m sure people won’t believe me, but I honestly don’t care if my hair ever grows back!”

Wig Clinic Client,