Summer Collection of Hats and Scarf wear for Hair Loss

We are delighted to announce we have added some beautiful hats and scarves to the summer collection of head wear for Hair Loss suffers.

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Wig Clinic Cork Hat Scarf Hair loss Blue and white scarf


We specialise in hatsscarves and for hair loss due to cancer chemotherapy, alopecia and other medical issues. We have a wide selection of hats for cancer patients and women or men with hair loss. We choose only the softest fabrics to give you the comfort you deserve.

We also supply wig tape, wig liners, couvre cream, mane spray, shampoo, conditioner, hair dye and many other items in our online shop.

The beautifully soft fabrics used are formed from comforting natural materials ensuring suitability for even the most sensitive skin. All headscarves, hats and caps are feminine, beautiful and gives your face that extra glow! They are made from the softest, finest fabrics, making them very light and comfortable to wear indoors and outdoors.

Our Headwear range is designed specifically for hair loss wearers and is perfect for a comfortable alternative to wigs. Our beautiful designs change with the seasons, to reflect fashions, seasonal fabrics and trends.

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