I got a fabulous piece and got loads of compliments, which meant I was looking forward to going out

"I can honestly say that I before I called the Wig Clinic I was terrified of whole concept of going for a consultation. But the moment I called I was put at ease. They were so kind and helpful. I knew I was going to be in good hands and I was on. I was advised to bring a friend and the whole experience was actually enjoyable- strange as it may seem. I haven’t looked back. I got a fabulous piece and got loads of compliments which meant that I was looking forward to going out. I wore hats and scarves at home which were comfortable and fashionable at the same time- so I didn’t look like a victim."
Thank you so much to all in the Wig Clinic for taking such good care of me. I’m finished my treatment and now any my hair is growing back. God Bless you all. X

NH, Waterford,

The girls were so professional, understanding and kind and have been a great support

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in feb 2012.Knowing that I was going to lose my hair during treatment was very upsetting. I went to the wig clinic in Barrack street in Cork and I have to say their service was outstanding. The girls were so professional , understanding and kind and have been great support. The wig I got was amazing, no one believes that it isn't my own hair! It's comfortable to wear and so easy to put on! The after care service was also fantastic, you can ring the girls anytime with any question."


I’m always told I look stylish, which is great for my confidence

“With a hand on heart I can say losing my hair as a result of chemotherapy has had no impact on me at all. Shortly after being told I would lose it I visited the Wig Clinic, Fiona, the proprietor, could not have been more attentive or understanding. I was amazed the wigs were so modern and the bandana’s so fashionable, After trying on a few, I finally settled for a wig and also a little fringe to wear with my bandanas.
The first time I went to work wearing the fringe and the bandana I was a little nervous but was amazed at the complimentary comments I received from people. Women started donating little scarves to me to wear around the bandanas so I literally have one to match every outfit I wear. With the fringe underneath no-one would ever think I was bald. I’m told I always look stylish which at this point in my life is very important for my confidence.
I keep my wig for special occasions. I just pop it on and I’m ready for a night out. I’m sure people won’t believe me, but I honestly don’t care if my hair ever grows back!”

Wig Clinic Client,

Most people find it hard to believe it’s not my own hair

"Thank you so much for my lovely hair piece. I am really happy with it and my confidence has been restored… loads of lovely comments from friends and most find it hard to believe that its not my own hair… many thanks again, best wishes Hazel”
This comment came to us from a client suffering from Alopecia for several years. She was delighted with the realistic quality of her new hairpiece and just how comfortable it was to wear. As it was coming up to Christmas when she dealt with us, her new hairpiece really gave her the confidence to go out and enjoy herself again.

Wig Clinic Client,